Glorious Dragons

Session 1: The Smugglers Hideout
An Arrow to the Knee

The party starts in the entrance of the hideout with three smugglers preparing to attack them. A quick look at these strangers assured themselves that they were all here for the same reason, the smugglers needed to be stopped.

After a few small fights, the group find themselves in a room with the boss of the organization and two of his best fighters. The battle turned to be a rather daunting task, the half-orc Derick was nearly killed, but at last the party was able to defeat all the smugglers with "careful" use of fire and magic. Their bounty only being proof of the smugglers business and a blueprint with details of a weapon.

After dealing with the boss, the smugglers explored the rest of the hideout and discovered that people were the one's being smuggled. They were in horrible conditions and didn't trust group for freeing them. They decided their medical need was top priority and started to leave when they were interrupted by two soldiers from (insert country). They were there for the blueprint, which after some failed lies, the group handed over. 

The slaves were eventually healed by a dwarf who had lost his memory and seemed  to have started opening up a bit more and trusting the party. A noble soon came and offered the hideout and the slaves to the party for the trouble of clearing out the smugglers. Two members agreed and signed the deed of the property. The noble left disatisfied with the looks of some of the party. 

And so the session ends with the party beaten and depleted, and now new owners of and abandoned warehouse with multiple burned walls.


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